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Welcome to the Next Level

of Lead Generation

 Search Box Optimization is the latest lead generation option available on the market.  By leveraging Google's search box feature, you can appear first in Google and Bing's auto-complete results.  Giving you the edge over your competitors from the start.  Dominate the best industry-specific keyword phrases and lock out your competition.  It's exclusive and available NOW! 


Want to Learn More?  Check out this short video on the Power of Search Box Optimization!


of website visitors never engage, and yet 81% of people look online prior to buying.  Connecting with that 81% of visitors is data at your doorstep.  NP Marketing has a B2C solution to connect with those anonymous visitors to start a personalized conversation. 

We don't track website traffic...

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We IDENTIFY Website Traffic
Name, Address, 
Email address

The Next Step is up to You...

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Email (1)
Direct Mail (1)
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Don't Wait - Get Started Now! 
Two-week FREE Trial is Waiting for You!

Anonymous visitors become visible

Web Data Pro is a B2C Website ID Tool that provides contact data to a business owner or sales team to create a personalized connection when prospects visit a company website. 

Virtual Reality Fighter
Search Box Optimization &
Website Data Pro

Is the 1-2 Punch 
that takes Lead Generation 
to the Next Level


Search Box Optimization coupled with the Website Data Pro tool, is the latest tools for Lead Generation.  

  • Exclusive keyword phrases lock out your competition.

  • Drive Google/Bing Searches to the company website

  • "Own" the first page of Google 

  • Identify those visitors coming to your website 

  • Identify by full name, address, phone, email address, and other data points as available.

  • Connect with those consumers that are searching and visiting your website.

  • Data can be delivered in multiple formats.


Convert anonymous visitors into prospects, leads and sales.

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