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“Before LinkedIn and other social networks, in the sales world, ABC stood for Always Be Closing. Now it means Always Be Connecting.” – Jill Rowley

Our mission at NP Marketing is to help businesses grow by leveraging the latest technology to create a connection.  NP offers multiple ways of connecting with its personalized service.

Staying at the forefront of innovation and change while holding on to tried and true marketing efforts, NP offers businesses a variety of options to generate and connect with leads from Search Box Optimization to Website Data Pro to targeted direct mail. Watch your sales grow leveraging innovation and connection.    

If you are ready for a conversation to learn how Google can recommend your business and identify visitors that come to your website, let's connect. 

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Joy Morales, M.A.


Joy was in the education field for over 20 years and her focus throughout that time was in school development. Joy has built schools ranging from preschools to high schools to an adult online high school and a vocational high school. In combination with her school development experience, Joy earned her Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in Communication and her Master’s degree in Educational Research from Western Governors’ University.

Joy formed NP in 2016 to leverage her business experience and education to help business owners and leaders develop innovative ways to start building relationships and connection to drive growth.  Her focus has been on leveraging technology to create a personal connection.  Joy believes that when you leverage technology to gain connection, more authentic time can be spent on building relationships that will last. 

In her off time, Joy is an avid Spartan fan and she enjoys being outside walking and gardening.

Phoenix Sagen, M.A.

VP of Creative Services

Phoenix is a true entrepreneur.  As owner of MyTravel4Ever Travel Agency, a very successful travel agency, she shares her talents with NP Marketing. In addition to her business experience, Phoenix earned her bachelor’s degree in International Business and Master’s in Global Studies to build a 6-figure income in the travel space.

At NP Phoenix provides the creative direction for NP’s clients.  She is also responsible for the overall marketing plan for the organization and provides those services to clients. 


Phoenix’s ability to use her strategic mindset to create business solutions has been invaluable to her and the success of her business. She is a master networker and creative strategist, bringing people together across the globe.

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Candace Conley

Regional Sales Manager 

Candace was born and raised in the small town of Sundance, WY.  Spending time with her three brothers on their family ranch instilled a foundational work ethic and toughness she carries with her to this day.

Upon graduation from college, Candace gained experience in the car industry, hospitality industry, energy sector, and financial sector.  While gaining a tremendous amount of experience professionally and personally, Candace’s entrepreneurial spirit called and she founded Candace Conley Consulting, LLC.  Her corporate experience in sales and in the management of logistics, dynamics, and people have helped many small business owners thrive.


Candace is genuinely excited to be a part of NP Marketing and committed to contributing greatly to this organization and those businesses we look to impact.  As Regional Sales Manager she believes wholeheartedly in results and that by providing business owners with the technology needed to connect with their customers more efficiently and sooner, the sales and customer experience process can be changed as we know it.

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James Fleming

Director of Business Development

James started his career in the hospitality industry after graduating from Iona College School of Business, Summa Cum Laude.  After several years, James transitioned into sales where he has been thriving ever since.  His love of helping clients succeed in business has been the cornerstone of his sales success.  As part owner of an auto agency, James has spent the last decade in the auto industry.

Joining the NP Marketing team has given James the opportunity to provide the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions in marketing today.   His philosophy on selling is,” If you can’t sell a product to a family member or friend, it’s probably not worth selling”. 

In his off time, he is a part-time DJ and enjoys getting away to camp. 

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Martin Mason

VP of Sales & Business Development 

Martin spent the first 16 years of his career on Wall St. with major investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, and Dean Witter, managing conservative investment accounts. Eventually, Martin moved to high-risk money management and was employed at several exclusive investment boutiques where he specialized in raising capital for Private Placements and Initial Public Offerings.


After leaving Wall Street, Martin capitalized on his knowledge of business start-ups to embark on a career as an entrepreneur. He has created, grown, and sold several businesses in his career including several restaurants, an automotive product agency, and a small business financing company. Martin’s belief is that all things start and end with sales and at his core, his heart will always be in sales.


Tim Hallam

Digital Marketing Manager

Always looking for Win/Win situations Tim has been working in the Customer Support industry for almost 40 years. Tim has worked for Fortune 500 Companies such as General Motors and AT&T as well as many companies beginning their Fortune 500 journey. Tim looks for ways to ensure that his clients are taken care of and helps find innovative ways to keep them ahead of their competition while maintaining the smaller attention to detail that consumers are striving to achieve.


Most of Tim's experience is in the Proprietary (For Profit) Education business. Using his experience in not only the Admissions Process but also the Operations side Tim brings a unique understanding to both the Adult Education and the Private school institutions and how to help them achieve success in all economic and political environments. Tim truly believes that the public sector is not reaching those individuals that truly need an alternative path to meet educational opportunities to achieve their goals.


Sales Support - Blake

Executive Assistant ~ Gabe 

Executive Assistant ~ Charley  

Sales Rep, Northern CO ~ Rick 


Support Team

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