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How often does the data come into the dashboard?

The dashboard updates approximately every 10 minutes.  This means that the sales team, admissions team, or other marketing personnel can have continuous and up to date data daily.

How often does the data update? 

The data updates twice daily.  This means that changes in contact information are always kept up to date and accurate. 

Can the data get loaded into my CRM?

Absolutely, we can customize the dashboard to any company’s CRM.  Our goal is to provide the data to every company in the most efficient way available to grow their business.

What are B-Backs?

We classify B-Backs as individuals that have looked at a company website and have returned to the website after a 24-hour period.  We believe that is low-hanging fruit and should be contacted as soon as possible.

How often do I get notified with B-Backs?

A person can be notified by email and/or text every time a B-Back returns to your site.

Can I filter the data that comes in?

Yes, there are multiple filters on the dashboard and there is an opportunity to filter and customize the data that is coming in through the dashboard.

What if I don’t have a CRM?

Who’s Visiting Now has a built in CRM feature for companies that do not have their own CRM.  It is a great starter option and as the business grows, we can accommodate a more advanced option.

What are the options to manage the data?

There are several options available after the data comes in.  We are here to assist you in getting started.  Options to consider are an email campaign, direct mail campaign, or calling on the phone.  Factors to consider are the pages visited and the length of time spent on the site.

Is this legal?

Absolutely.  We meet all privacy rules and regulations.  In addition, we have been vetted by the most experienced and well known legal counsel. 

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