We offer a multi-channel approach that leverages digital technology to create a personalized connection. 


  • 86% of people search online before making a purchase. 

  • 98% of people do not engage on a website with a chatbot or fill-form.

  • A personalized experience is what consumers are looking for.

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We provide services that meet those specific data points to create the consumer experience we are all searching for.


It all starts with leveraging your company website to turn the anonymous website visitor into a visible connection.

This creates the avenue to start a conversation.  When the anonymous website visitor becomes visible, companies can create a relationship in which to build upon.

This database tool provides name, address, email address, phone number for visitors that come to your site.  This data gives the option of the manner in which you would like to connect.


Stand out with designs that show your brand and unique offerings.  NP Services include creative and personalized designs to attract your target audience and conveys that personalized experience. 

Work with our team to ensure your message comes through with personalized mailings.


You know where your prospects are.  You know where they shop, eat and play. 

This tool will allow you to reach them there, and then drive them to your website, where our tools will capture their contact information for you. 

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Create a multi-channel approach to increase sales based on the Prospect Identifier tool's data. 

NP provides the avenue to stand out from your competitors by sending a personalized postcard or greeting card that can add that extra WOW factor.

"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing" ~ Tom Fishburne