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Now there's Data...Plan your Win!

Why EVERY Company should add a Website Pixel
  • 81% of consumers start shopping online BEFORE making a purchase  

  • Market to those who are "in market" as soon as they start searching

  • Save Time & Money by only doing TARGETED marketing

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WDP is the "must-have" for businesses to know what consumers are looking for and then meet that need.  Knowing who is visiting and what they are "in market" for, the sales team can meet those needs immediately.   This tool will revolutionize your lead generation efforts. By identifying WHO is visiting the company website, a connection becomes easy.
How it Works:
  • Add a Pixel to the website.
  • WDP identifies the Name, Address or Email of the website visitor.
  • Reach out and connect by Email, Direct Mail or create a Retargeting strategy on social media with information based on the visitor's search.
  • Follow up and answer any questions the website visitor may have.  
Why is this Important?

We Know
  • 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying.

  • Global e-commerce sales are expected to hit $5.5 Trillion in 2022.

  • 263 million American Consumers shop online.


We provide services that meet those specific data points to create the consumer experience we are all searching for. What's more, we customize the pricing model to meet your website traffic.


How it Works:

  • No need to rely solely on traditional SEO & Pay-Per-Click.
  • The Power is "Inside the Box" the Google/Bing Search Box.
  • Increased Visibility not just in the search box but the ENTIRE first page.  
  • Identify and Claim the most effective keyword phrases in your industry.
Why is this Important?
  • Google is visited 89.3 BILLION times every month. 

  • Google is the most visited website.

  • 8.5 BILLION searches per day on Google.


Contact Joy for a Quote on Search Box Optimization.  It's a POWERFUL EXCLUSIVE lead generation tool!

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