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Unfortunately, we deal with natural disasters every day. This time of year from Texas through the Midwest everyone is on high alert for tornadoes. On average, each tornado causes over $2 million in damage and can travel for hundreds of miles. The longest storm went from over 200 miles from Missouri to Indiana in 1925. To add onto this worry, many places near rivers are dealing with flooding. Currently, the Mississippi River valley is dealing with flooding for at least the foreseeable future. Toward the end of the summer hurricane season will start and that adds more concerns for our Eastern and Southern states. Thankfully, here in Colorado blizzard season is over for the most part (we never know) but hail season is quickly approaching. But in most areas across the world there are threats of droughts, wind storms and even sinkholes. Not all disasters are avoidable and can be planned against, but the lack of sales is one that should never be encountered especially with NP Marketing Group’s assistance. Our website highlights a couple of options that will let you avert the disaster of little or no sales. Start with our TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL of our Website Data Pro (WDP) tool that helps identify and market to website visitors that you were not able to market to before. Then take just a few more minutes and watch the very short video on how Search Box Optimization (SBO) can have your website storm to the top of the list on a search. Mother Nature at times is a real pain and if there is any way, I would recommend we all send her a nice gift and card this coming Sunday as we celebrate Mother’s Day and see if we can avoid any future disasters!

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