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Creating A Legacy for The Future

The Romans added the month of July in 45 BC to more closely align with the solar calendar and in doing so named the month of July to honor the emperor at the time, Julius Caesar. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted, July remained the namesake of the man who transitioned Rome from a Republic to an Empire. The name Caesar has become synonymous with ambition, power and ruthlessness. He is still one of the most influential individuals in Western Culture and the history of the world. Caesar was born into one of the most influential families in Rome and rose through the ranks of politics and showed remarkable military prowess. His strategies are still being used as teaching tools today. Phrases that we use today in the business world, such as “the die is cast” (for making a tough choice) and “crossing the Rubicon” (a decision with far reaching consequences) are directly attributed to Caesar and his rise to power as the first Roman Emperor. Caesar is the central figure in numerous literary works as well. From the Shakespearean play that many of us read in High School to being a central figure in television dramas such as “Spartacus” and “Rome”. There are even critics that point to some of the plots in Star Wars directly reflecting the Galactic Empire and Rome’s transition into an empire. Caesar’s legacy is even being felt in the emerging technologies of today. Caesar’s ascent to power transformed Rome forever. His ability to adapt and innovate both on the battlefield and in the political arena was the envy of both supporters and opponents alike. Artificial Intelligence is seeing this same trajectory. AI is a transformative force in the modern world as it continually revolutionizes our everyday life. Like Caesar, it’s redefining the established norms and pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible. Caesar’s legacy provided a blueprint for generations as each subsequent emperor was compared to him. AI’s legacy has yet to be fully written but the potential to adapt, learn and reshape our society, especially in the business world seems to be limitless. Of course, the decisions made today will shape what our descendants inherit. NP Marketing Group takes this very seriously and we offer options that will transform your business. Since you are here reading this blog, take just a few additional minutes and watch the video about how Search Box Optimization (SBO). See how SBO can conquer the Search Engine results list. Then take a stab at our Website Data Pro (WDP) tool on a TWO-WEEK FREE TRIAL. WDP will help your business find hidden leads from your website visitors. Caesar and his legacy are timeless. Future generations will continually debate his methods and strategies, as they will surely debate ours as we chart the course for tomorrow’s advancements in AI.

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