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A Simple Answer to a Complex Problem, Really?

The most successful people I know, the best athletes, actors, writers, scientists, inventors, politicians, business people etc., etc., all seem to have one thing in common, and that is the ability to simplify the even the most complex subject matter.

So it is that I take the approach of those that I most admire when I am working to solve a problem or grow my business. I look for simplicity in everything that comes my way no matter how daunting or complex the issue. It seems that finding simplicity in the complex is not all that difficult, what’s hard is communicating those findings to others in a way that they find believable. Most people don’t believe that there is a simple answer to a complex problem.

Put the ball in the hoop, blow us away with your portrayal of a character, show us what you’ve invented, or play us your song and we’ll bear witness to the fact that you made the difficult look easy. Not so much in what I do for a living, I help people grow their businesses. Even though I have discovered a simple and inexpensive process that makes a business exponentially more successful utilizing at hand resources, I find it more difficult to get a following then it was to solve the problem in the first place. The battle is that I must first convince the business owner to put my theory to practice in their business, and then meet a particular level of success before I am believed. It’s not good enough that I have made countless other business owners more successful with this simple and inexpensive process.

Effective marketing, prospecting and new client/customer acquisition is a difficult, complex and age-old issue — technology and a new approach is the simple answer. Technology is the driver for all of the world’s most successful companies. Laser guided marketing, customer centricity and customer obsession are a few of the processes made possible through technology that have changed the game and made companies like Amazon and Zappos super successful.

Most businesses have already engaged the technology that would allow them to mimic the world’s most dominant players and yet that technology to a great degree lies dormant. The fact is that 98% of this derived benefit that’s already being paid for goes unused. Theoretically, for every two customers you win through technology, you’re leaving 98 potential customers on the table. Theoretically, you could cut your marketing costs in half and be 4 times more effective. Theoretically, you could reach out to and compete with your competition at the very moment that the customer is ready to make a buying decision.

The reality is that what I am discussing is more than theory. In practice, my customers are having super success cutting spending and growing revenues. I am sure that at some point we will hit “critical mass” with this product and customers will seek us and not the other way around. The fact is that I am impatient and besides I am sure you would like to be on this train before it leaves the station.

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