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If you could earn $502,000 in 90 days with an average acquisition cost of $32 per sale.....

...would that grab your attention?

Now that’s some data to chew on. We all want to see results. Where’s the proof? We want to see the results before we invest money or even our time. It’s just the way things are done. We want, need and demand proof.

This case study is so interesting that I had to verify it myself. We want to make decisions on data, especially if there is something “new” on the market. It’s how we all want to make decisions. I always ask myself what is the data telling me? When I was told about this data, I had to share it. Let’s chew on these numbers and see where it leads.

The backstory of where these numbers originate from is a car dealership located in the western United States. This dealership is using a database tool that tracks website visitors when they visit the dealership site. This tool tracks the “mystery” visitors by the pages they visited, time spent, what they looked at, and where they came from, such as, a FB ad or Google search engine.

The database tool provides the name, address, email address and the phone numbers, if available, of those “mystery” visitors onto a dashboard. Over a three-month period, the dealership sales team received the data immediately after the website visit. Below is the sales cycle the sales team followed to drive sales:

  • Period of Time: 6/20/21 – 9/20/21

  • Visitors Identified: 2,100 new website visitors identified

  • Emails sent: 7,961 during this period

  • Phone Calls Made: 2,108

  • Appointments Set: 306

  • Number of Cars Sold: 96

  • Total Sales Volume: $502,000

What these numbers tell us is when a new website visitor was identified, the sales team reached out to these visitors by either email or phone or both. The salesperson knew what the website visitor was interested in by their search and time spent on pages visited. Once the connection was made, the sales team tried to schedule an appointment.

Let’s talk percentages. 2,100 mystery shoppers were identified. Almost 15% of those visitors identified, an appointment was set. Of those 306 appointments set, 31% of those appointments resulted in a car purchase.

Amazing data. Let’s examine the cost of customer acquisition.

Cost Breakdown

  • The cost of an appointment was less than $10.

  • The average customer acquisition cost for a dealership currently is $741.00.

  • This tool acquisition cost is $32.00.

Again, the percentage of savings for the cost acquisition is almost 95%.

What this means is the sales volume increased while the cost of customer acquisition decreased, dramatically. This is the ultimate win-win.

Although this case study is on a car dealership, this tool can be applied to any industry. What this case study demonstrates is how this dealership used the data coming into the dealership website to drive sales and save money.

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