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Once Upon A Time…

We have all heard or read this opening. Four famous words that start almost every fairy tale ever communicated. Be it the story of Little Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks and the Three Bears, each of these stories was meant as a cautionary tale for children to follow societal norms. Many of the tales have been softened over the years. Take the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Originally Goldilocks was an old vagrant woman who was actually kicked out of her home by her family because of her cleanliness issues and overall abhorrent personality. After becoming homeless she discovered the hut of the three bears. In the original story they were three bachelor bears, not the papa/mama/baby that the current story highlights. The story progresses from there as we are accustomed, until the end when the bears return from their constitution. In some versions the old woman is found and allowed to escape, still others have her captured and either becomes domestic help or dinner depending on the version. As the story aged, Goldilocks became a young woman and even a little girl. The bears became a family unit. At the end Goldilocks is always able to escape and learns a lesson of never running away from home. Of course, the moral of the story is to honor your parents or bad consequences will occur. Fairy tales can be applied to the business world as well. In the three bears case, the bears can represent customer support being sometimes too hard, sometimes too soft but in the end the choice made for the customer is just right. NP Marketing wants your business to be just right which, in turn, will allow you to sleep well at night. Our first option is to sign up for the TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL of the Website Data Pro (WDP) tool. This tool finds the visitors that, unlike Goldilocks, arrive at your website, but don’t let you know they are there. It helps you market to EVERY visitor. The second offering is to watch the quick and informative video about how Search Box Optimization (SBO) can move your website from being on the list to being at the top of the list. Many businesses look for magic to help solve issues or hope that a prince or princess arrives to change things. Our options are not make believe, they work and are effective for your business and you don’t have to wait until midnight to sign up! To help ensure your happy ending also like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn!

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