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Sending Your Profits Over The Moon

Look up at the night sky and there it is - Earth's one and only natural satellite, the Moon. Our celestial neighbor has fascinated humanity since the beginning of time. The moon was likely formed from the debris of earth when an object collided with our planet over 4 billion years ago. We have blamed illnesses on it and have been driven mad about what is made of. To this day there are debates about if humankind has landed on it or not. Over the past century, we have learned so much about it but there is still more to be discovered.

Currently, the moon is moving away from the earth, but don’t be too concerned yet as it only moves about an inch and a half each lunar year. As we all have learned, the moon controls things that we take for granted like the tides and our calendar. But it also controls things that we are not aware of like the migration and mating cycles of animals both on land and in the sea. We also use the gravitational pull of the moon to help slingshot missions further into space. If you have ever seen Apollo 13, the scientists used that same slingshot effect to get that doomed mission back to earth. For the mission that was successful their footprints remain untouched thanks to the lack of atmosphere on it.

The moon has and is used significantly in Science Fiction as both our savior and our enemy. Man has relied on the moon so much that many cultures named times around the moon. Today, many farmers plan their harvest around the full moon for the month called the Harvest Moon, of course. There is the Wolf Moon in January when wolf packs howl the loudest, the Blood Moon when a lunar eclipse causes the moon to have a red hue. The reddish color is from sunlight bending through Earth's atmosphere and hitting the moon. And the Blue Moon, a rare instance when there are two full moons in a calendar month. A blue moon happens about once every 2-3 years or so with the next occurrence happening in a few short weeks, August of 2023. It is so rare that we developed a saying highlighting its rarity of something that is unique only happening “once in a Blue Moon”.

In the 1960’s the goal of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was to go to the moon. Just 65 years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight we leaped forward, and Apollo 11 landed on the moon in July of 1969. That same spirit of innovation is being applied to Artificial intelligence is emerging as the next giant leap forward in technology. Like the assembly line and computer before it, AI will transform our world. NP Marketing Group embraces this spirit of moonshot thinking. Our offerings leverage leading-edge tools to propel your business growth. Take a few short minutes and watch the quick video on how Search Box Optimization (SBO) can rocket your business’s website up the Search Engine results list. Then sign up for the TWO-WEEK FREE TRIAL of our Website Data Pro (WDP) to help you discover leads that have already landed on your businesses website and are ready to blast off to new better profits. NP Marketing is passionate about helping you ride this wave of change. The future remains bright, and we can help you align innovation to your benefit.

So, look up at the Moon tonight and be inspired by human potential. Then connect with us to launch your success to new heights. Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn for further content that will send your sales into a new a better orbit!

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