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Speaking Swiftly About Funny Words

Linguists have stated that the English language with its nuances and rules is the most difficult language to speak, let alone master. Many people would agree based on our homework from school. But, it is a fun language as well. There are lots of words that just sound funny. Take the word hullabaloo. If you are at a party and there was a great commotion then you can describe it as a hullabaloo. Taylor Swift must be causing a great hullabaloo in stadiums across the United States on her current tour. Knowing her audience they are probably being very foppish about their outfits. Foppish means being super-concerned about your appearance. In fact some of the outfits could be called cutesy-poo, which means sickeningly cute. Some of the concert goers were probably dressed as ragamuffins, those dressed in ragged clothes. For those who dropped someone off near the stadium beware of the cattywampus jaywalkers, they are the ones walking catty-corner from one corner to the next, and here this whole time I thought it meant something that was a disaster, per the use of my parents. But, I guess I was a noob, or someone that is inexperienced, in this case with the meaning of cattywampus. If your leads are currently going widdershins (something is moving in the wrong direction) then now is the time to do a gardyloo (a warning cry) and sign up for the FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL of our Website Data Pro (WDP) tool. This tool finds the visitors before they skedaddle (to run away) from your website. Then don’t futz (to waste time) around and watch the short but illuminating video about Search Box Optimization (SBO) and how it makes your website more powerful because of how it changes Search Engine results. Our options are far from being floccinaucinihilipilification (the estimation of something as worthless) so don’t be a finifugal (someone who is afraid of finishing anything) and check these options out, this will cause your competition to have collywobbles (another word for a stomach ache). To avoid any other piffle (nonsense speech) also Like us on Facebook and Follow us on LinkedIn!

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