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The Power of the Pixel

According to the Butterfly Effect Theory, a simple flapping of the butterfly wings can cause hurricanes or blizzards. The seemingly most insignificant action causes calamitous effects around the globe. What would happen if we switched that line of thinking and said that the smallest part of your Website can bring the most significant and positive changes to your business? The pixel is the smallest part of your website. For example, it takes multiple pixels to create an image or link on your website. Technology has advanced so much that one pixel can do amazing things.

At NP Marketing Group we use one pixel to find customers. By placing that one small pixel on your website we can track the already opted in visitors and allow you to market to them NOW! 83% of the world goes to the internet to figure out the best deal when they are prepared to purchase. Most of us CANNOT remember the last time that we didn’t go to a website or use a popup or email to make a purchase. It is truly a rarity to NOT have a website or be connected to a website. If you don’t have a website or another type of social presence (Facebook/LinkedIn) make your next 2023 resolution be to create and maintain that presence for the rest of the year. Experts are predicting that the top three marketing channels in 2023 are going to be Social Media, Website/Blog and email marketing.

One final thing to remember is that your social presence needs to be directed and specific. Your site needs to showcase you and your business. Think of advertising on Craig’s List and how it can reflect on your business. A collaborative site that directs the consumer to you or another business does not truly reflect your business and its uniqueness. A cheaper option may save you a few dollars upfront, but that is outweighed by your lost business. Investing in a social medium or a website will definitely lead to better and more consistent results over the long haul.

Last Saturday, I was at an event and I spoke with a gentleman and asked him about his social media presence. He showed me his Facebook page and said that he gets little or no traffic from the site. I pointed out to him that his page was not distinctive enough to drive traffic to it. He countered with “word of mouth is more important to his business than a social presence.” That attitude is why certain businesses will only grow as large as the owner will allow. Your work is your signature, but how you advertise on the web is the spotlight to see that signature plainly and clearly.

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