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3 Lead Generation Strategies for 2022

By Joy Morales

How do businesses get more leads? Leads are needed to grow and sustain a business. Strategies to get more leads is an important topic that needs to be discussed around the conference room table. Most businesses may be looking to increase their lead generation efforts due to the last two years of the pandemic. But how do business owners actually increase leads? Here are 3 strategies that you may want to consider to help you gain more leads in 2022.

#1 – Be Seen. It’s hard for some of us to “be seen.” There are many ways to “be seen” but one thing that needs consideration for lead generation is doing videos. The thought of doing videos and doing videos regularly may cause some of us to go back to bed. However, consider this, 88% of people want to see more videos from brands in 2022. This is what I mean by “be seen.” There are a couple of different avenues you can take.

First, what is your social media commitment? Do you post regularly or occasionally? Do you have a social media plan or calendar that you follow? Posting on social media isn’t an “add on” marketing activity. It is a marketing commitment. To “be seen” you have to show up consistently. Select two social media platforms that you will commit to. One of the platforms should be YouTube. People make a connection when they can see you. Most of us hate being on camera. And the results are we just don’t do it. I have been saying for months that I need to do training videos. Not done yet (ouch).

The other platform that you select, consider doing live videos or post recorded videos. However you want to do it, just be seen. People believe they know you, when they see you.

#2 – Be Heard. We have all heard content is king. But consider what kind of content you are creating. How is your voice being heard? Create content that is engaging and educational for your demographic. What does your ideal client need? Speak to the ideal client’s needs and interests and the problem you can solve for them. Create blogs that educate for your ideal customer. You’re the expert. Share your knowledge. Leverage your knowledge and experience and share it to help someone else. Post portions of your content on your social media platforms when you are not doing videos.

There is ample opportunity to be heard in this marketplace. Even if you are not a “good” writer, start practicing. It takes practice so start small and build. The most successful bloggers show themselves as they are. It’s fresh, engaging and human. You are not writing a book but a page or two. The ultimate goal of being heard is gaining followers that you can connect with. By “being heard” in time, you will attract potential customers.

#3 Be in the Know – With the first two lead strategies you are driving people to your website. People are starting to notice you and you are consistent with your posting, videos, and blogging. You are growing your brand, and your influence. Things are going well, and you are starting to gain momentum.

But how can you find out who is seeking out your business, product or service? How do you get leads from this amount of effort? You are doing things that take time and commitment and what is the payoff? There is a database tool that identifies who is coming to your website. If you want to know who is interested in you, and know who is visiting your website, then this tool will allow you to “be in the know.”

Being in the know means you will know who is visiting your website and what your ideal client is interested in. It’s not just the number of visitors to your website, it is identifying who those visitors are. Having these datapoints at your fingertips allows you to be in the know and initiate a conversation.

It’s the win-win proposition of increasing leads. As you are growing your influence, you can see the results on a daily basis. Once you know who is visiting the website and what they are interested in, you can make a connection that is targeted to their need and provide the ability to solve their problem.

If you want to ramp up your lead generation efforts follow these 3 strategies to jump start your lead generation efforts in 2022.

If you are ready to get off the marketing rollercoaster, and initiate the conversation, reach out to Joy, We will help you turn website visitors into leads.


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