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Painless Prospecting, is there really such a thing?

How much time do you really spend prospecting?


If you are in sales, you are usually discussing or thinking about filling your pipeline. How much time do you really spend prospecting? According to research, great salespeople spend 40% of their time prospecting and they prospect every day. But most, also confess, that it is their least favorite activity. Let’s face it, it’s hard. And it’s also hard to be consistent, especially when you are on a good roll.

But there is good news to this challenge and that is prospecting can be painless. First thing, you must do is generate interest. What is unique about the product and service you are offering? Really, what makes you different, better, stronger and in the end, worth it? Knowing that, is one of the things that makes prospecting painless. Why do people need your product or service? How is it going to make their life easier and better that they would invest their money? You don’t have to sell it when you are prospecting, but you must know the “it” factor to generate interest.

Let’s say, I sell makeup for a living. How is my makeup better than the other hundreds of brands on the market? Is it the ingredients that are used? Is it the way it can blend with your skin? Is it that sunscreen is embedded in the makeup so you can wear it outside and be protected? Once you know what makes a product unique, then you can start generating interest.

Interest means targeting the audience that would benefit from your product or service. Let’s say the makeup is organic and is great for certain skin types. Creating interest could mean, using real life examples on how the makeup helped this particular clientele. Showing videos, getting reviews, creating before and after pictures are all ways to generate interest in that particular demographic. Telling your story can also generate interest. Why do you use this product and how has it helped you? This is where you can really get creative. Creativity wins.

Start sharing with all types of networks: Facebook, YouTube, direct mail, networking. Know where your target audience spends their time. All of these forums can help get your message out and start the painless prospecting process.

The key to painless prospecting is consistency. The more you do it, the better you get. Yes, it’s hard to get started, but then it becomes habit forming. Over time, it will be a natural part of your daily sales process.


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