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Making Anonymous Visible

98% of people visiting a website don’t engage


There are several options for companies to find out when a businessperson is visiting a company website and provide detailed information as to who that businessperson is. However, there are only a few options if a shopper is visiting a company website that is looking to buy something, i.e. “Mystery Shopper.”

98% of people visiting a website don’t engage. This is an alarming statistic when so much money is spent on developing a website and driving traffic to that site. If only 2% of the people engage, where do the 98% of visitors go? I am not sure anyone has the answer to that one. However, there is an answer to the question of identifying the 98%. If you are going to invest in a website, then the goal should be to identify those “mystery shoppers” that come to visit. It is your digital storefront, and you should want to know who is coming in to look around.

The website database tool that was developed for this purpose in mind has been used in the auto industry for the last few years. Now, in part due to the pandemic, and the market demand, this tool is coming to all businesses regardless of the industry. This tool identifies your anonymous visitors and sends their data to your CRM for an opportunity to generate new leads.

By adding one simple script to a company website, this tool will provide you with data as to the name, address, email, and phone number (if available) of those anonymous visitors.

If you have invested:

· Money into your website

· Money for ads – FB, Google

· Money for SEO

Then it’s time to find out who is coming to visit. It’s turning the anonymous into visible.

We know that people search and shop online now more than ever. Having access to real time data is the currency in today’s marketplace. Knowing almost immediately who is interested in your product, and what they are interested in is not just a time saver but is the ultimate in target marketing.

Don’t waste your time hoping someone comes to visit the company website, turn the anonymous into visible of who is visiting the website. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to


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