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Marketing Rollercoaster of 2021…will it continue in 2022?

By Joy Morales

After the rollercoaster year that we had in 2021, what’s ahead for 2022? Some of the questions that keep us wondering about the new year are:

  • How do we increase sales, post pandemic, current pandemic, future pandemic?

  • How do we create an unforgettable customer service experience online?

  • How do we can get our message out and stand above the noise?

Who’s in Market Right Now?

Increasing sales can be done by knowing who is in market now, right now. But how do you know when someone is in market and in market right now? Recently, I attended a webinar of an auto digital marketer, and the presenter was a wealth of information. Part of the presentation was discussing behavioral traits and buying tendencies of those people that were in market now. I have to say it was fascinating to listen to the discussion on the behavioral traits of buyers, and their likely tendencies during the buying process. But I was thinking, that’s a lot of effort on behalf of marketers and the business owner, not to mention the cost.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to know who was looking at the company website and what they were looking at? Seems like a lot less work and more direct. If you want to increase sales in 2022, know who is in market now, right now.

Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience…

There are a lot of articles discussing how to personalize and create an unforgettable customer experience. Sounds easy, but it’s time consuming to say the least. Once someone gives their information online, the customer experience can begin. Then the question becomes, how many of us give out our information? A small percentage, around 2% actually engage with a website. You may provide a great customer experience for the 2% but what about the other 98%?

Creating an unforgettable customer experience can be started at the point of the website visit based off the consumer’s interest. For example, if a potential customer visited your website, and spent only a few minutes sending them a generic email or a coupon would be appropriate.

However, if there was a potential consumer who spent a lot of time on the website, shopped for several items, came back again and maybe even again, that potential consumer needs a targeted communication based on their search visit data. That website visitor is raising their hand saying, “hey I’m here, notice me.” Keep in mind, they haven’t filled anything out; they are just looking. This person would need a personalized email, a direct mail piece addressed to them and their shopping interest. An offer of help to educate the consumer, not sell them. This is the foundation of an unforgettable customer experience.

Getting Your Message Heard!

You’ve got a great product. It solves a real problem. You can’t wait to share it with the world. How? There are a number of options and opportunities, but you don’t have an unlimited budget. You need to know a real Return on Investment (ROI), not just a guess. What’s working, what isn’t.

At a minimum if you are in the online world, and everyone should be by now, you must:

  • Have a social media presence.

  • Have an up-to-date website.

  • Have a consistent email campaign.

  • And know your numbers: How much are you investing and what is your ROI.

But is that enough?

One possible solution in this complex world of sales and marketing is to reach the consumer that is interested in your service or product. There’s a tool and it’s an exciting option where you don’t have to be an expert on social media or know the latest and greatest trends. By finding out who is looking at your website, and reaching out to them, is a direct approach to increasing sales.

How it works:

  • Thru an IP address your website visitors can be identified by name, address, email address and other data points.

  • Identify where they spent their time and for how long.

  • Collect first party data and build out your CRM.

This is digital marketing of the future, but it is here now, right now. If you want to increase sales, identify who is in market now and reach out to them.

That brings us to the last question, how can you be heard above the noise? By reaching out to those that are already looking. Don’t waste your time on those that haven’t checked you out. Get your message out to those who are already looking and show interest by initiating the conversation.

Changes Now and on the Horizon

Part of the marketing rollercoaster scenario isn’t related to the pandemic, it’s privacy changes as well. One of the changes has been caused by iOS15. This change will allow the user to opt out of using their own email address for purchases, making it difficult to add someone to an email list.

Another major change is a “cookieless” world. This change is around the corner and will literally affect everyone across B2B and B2C. The ability to target and measure performance is going to change. However, implementation of this database tool will allow you to gather first party data which will keep those changes at bay.

If you are ready to get off the marketing rollercoaster, and initiate the conversation, reach out to Joy, We will help you turn website visitors into leads.


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