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Top 3 Benefits of Knowing WHO is visiting the Company Website

By Joy Morales

As we are approaching the new year, it’s time to look back and assess what has been accomplished this year and look ahead to what’s coming for 2022.

Some questions to consider for 2022:

  • How are we going to increase the market share in 2022?

  • How are we going to have the sales team meet and exceed sales goals?

  • How are we going to increase profit in this ever-changing post-pandemic, new-pandemic and will-it-ever-end-pandemic era?

One way to answer those questions is by knowing WHO is visiting the company website. By knowing WHO has visited the company website and determining essentially who is in market now can derive some real benefits:

#1 - First Contact Wins. Speed Matters. Salespeople are 21x more likely to qualify a prospect if they respond to an inquiry within five minutes. The odds drop to just about zero if the response is more than an hour, according to Resourceful Selling.

IF you knew within minutes when a visitor came to the company website, and an automated email went out, how much would sales increase? Keeping in mind the data point referenced, the short answer is substantially. With an automated email system, knowing WHO visited the website and responding within minutes can beat your competitors quickly and let’s face it…easily.

If you want to increase your sales in 2022, contact your website visitors within 5 minutes of their search. This is NOT Google analytics. This is name, address, email address of identified website visitors. We go much further than our competitors. Targeted Marketing for 2022 is the name of the game.

#2 – Build a Database. Persistence Pays. Salespeople who make 12 contact attempts perform nearly 20% better than their competition who stop at 8 attempts according to a report from the Bridge Group.

By knowing who is visiting the company website and building a database to contact those that are interested and searching, you are building your market and your brand. Newsletters, emails, and direct mail offerings are all ways to keep in contact with those that searched the company out. 12 contacts can come in many different forms, but by knowing who is in market now and contacting them builds that rapport effectively.

#3 – Reduce the Marketing Spend. Budget Restraints. 55% of respondents in a Sales Insight Lab survey said that “budget restraints” were the number 1 or number 2 reason that stronger sales opportunities failed.

In these uncertain times of the economy and waiting for the next variant to make the headlines, budget constraints are even more concerning. However, knowing where your prospects originate from can save thousands in the company’s marketing spend. Data dictates how effective the company is in their marketing efforts. By determining where the prospects are finding the company, such as, FB, Google, or TV advertising, can dictate where to spend those precious marketing dollars. Targeted marketing based on data. Invest in those that are already looking at the company site. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it will stick.

To increase sales in 2022, data will be the key:

  • Knowing WHO visited the company website

  • What they did when they got there

  • How long were they on the site

  • Did they return

  • If so, how many times

Knowing these data points will allow the sales team to target what the website visitor is interested in and customize the sales experience.

January 11th, NP Marketing Group will be offering a training on how to leverage the data coming into the company website. Registration begins December 13th.

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