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What’s Ahead for Marketing Trends in 2022?

By Joy Morales

As 2021 comes to a close, companies are evaluating their current marketing strategies and adjusting to meet the needs for 2022. Since the pandemic, companies have had to pivot, make changes, be flexible and have the ability to adapt to a new world of online consumers.

Marketing has had a major shift for some companies and less of a shift for others. Companies that have been behind in an online environment were forced to increase their exposure to reach more customers and those that already had a robust online presence needed to improve their game. In essence, the companies that were flexible and able to adapt to the changes that came with the pandemic didn’t lose business and actually may have grown during these unprecedented times.

Coupled with companies pivoting their marketing strategies, the consumer also spent more time online. The new “self-educated” consumer has had the ability to learn, explore, search for products and services with no input from the business. With this increased time online, the purchasing process changed as well. Consumers searched, researched and bought all online. This may look on the surface as if the consumer has more power in the marketplace. They can comparison shop in the comfort of their home. At this point, it may seem like the consumer has all the power, but not quite.

Although, networking, word of mouth, referrals and customer reviews are all important pieces of the marketing pie, there are also new arenas for businesses to consider that can create the ability to connect with a consumer prior to purchase. There are tools that businesses may need to consider for 2022 that up to this point haven’t been needed. Next year, cookies is going away which means another flex in the market for the business owner. What is going to fill that gap and how are companies going to adapt?

The short answer is: data will fill that gap. The more data a business can gather about their customer or potential customer, the better the decision-making process will be. Data also provides the ability to make adjustments for what customers want. Ultimately, both components, increasing sales and saving money, is what will help businesses compete in this ever-changing online environment. This is how the scales can even out a bit. The consumer can find out about the business, and the business owner can find out about their potential customers.

So, you might be thinking at this point, how do I find out about consumers that are looking at the business? There is a tool that collects visitor data through the company website. Thus, allowing any business owner to know who is looking at the company website, what visitors are looking at and how long they have been on the site. Many tools can provide some of the data points, however, this tool specifically can provide the name, address, email address of those “mystery visitors” which then would allow the business owner to reach out and make a personal connection almost immediately.

Sound too good to be true? Here are some of the questions that we get:

  • Is it legal? Yes, it is. If someone came into your store, wouldn’t you greet them? The digital storefront is exactly the same. Greet those that come to your website.

  • How reliable is the data? Very. The email addresses that are delivered are in the 99.3 – 99.5 percent deliverable range.

  • How does it work? The tool identifies and then filters the visitors that come to the company website and provides businesses with data points such as name, address and email address.

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