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Out of the 45 of the men elected President of the United States, 31 had some military background. The lowest ranking president was James Buchanan who served as a private in the Pennsylvania militia. The highest rank was earned by Dwight D. Eisenhower who was a Five Star General in the United States Army, and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe. Many of our presidents were elected solely on their military exploits, starting with George Washington. Some of Washington’s advisors thought it was best for our first president to become a king for a successful transition from the British Empire. As we know, Washington declined and our process of electing a new leader had begun. While some of our military generals almost immediately capitalized on their military record and transitioned into politicians such as Washington, Eisenhower and Ulysses Grant, others worked toward different accomplishments. General John J. Pershing served most of his adult life in the military and many credit him with the creation of the United States national highway system. General Colin Powell may be more remembered as Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration than for military operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Still others are solely remembered for their military tour. For example, many of us envision Douglas MacArthur as saying the infamous “I shall return” on the beaches of the Philippines. In actuality it was stated during a press conference in Australia after the White House forced him to retreat to a safer location. And still other generals are remembered more for a defeat than they are for victories, looking at you George Armstrong Custer. Businesses can learn significantly from generals. Many generals have been innovative in their strategies, and we all know that the most successful businesses strive to be innovative and unique in either product, customer support or both. A great general, like a great business, knows how to balance being aggressive and conservative as the opportunity arises. The question of whether the reward outweighs the risk has to be answered. But, most of all, the truly successful generals are courageous. They follow the old Roman adage of good fortune smiling upon the bold. NP Marketing Group wants to help you be bold as well. Take command of your business and sign up for the TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL of the Website Data Pro (WDP) tool. This tool finds the visitors that land on your website, but don’t let you know they were there. It helps you market to each visitor in real time while they are in market for your product or service. The second endeavor is to watch a quick and informative video about how Search Box Optimization (SBO) can move your website from being just in the list to being at the top of the list. Unfortunately, many businesses try to march to victory without a plan of attack, NP Marketing wants to help you plan your strategy for success. Our options will bring your leads and sales to attention and prepare you to be a force for profits! To further make your marketing launch your business also like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn!

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